Xcel is proud to be part of Phoenix's community and we excited to be part of one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Because of the beautiful weather, we are able to enjoy many activities year-round. We are also able to love your exteriors year round as well! From roofs and siding to windows and gutters, Xcel Roofing will love your exterior while being involved in the local community loving your families as well.

Free Roof Inspection

Complete Roof Inspection within 24 hours


Jim Harding


Direct: (402) 345-9235

Matt Preister

Matt Preister

Owner and Senior Project Manager | Licensed Adjustor


Direct: (402) 770-0953

Your Xcel Care Team

We have a team of specialists to help take care of your home project.

Loving your home one family at a time.

Office Team

Reeva Braun


Direct: (402) 345-9235

Sylvia Gomez

Sylvia Gomez

Director of Support Specialists


Direct: (402) 345-3695

Kristi Johnson

Kristi Johnson

Accounting Controller


Direct: (402) 884-9806
Office: (402) 345-9235