Sell Your Home Fast in Omaha, NE or Lincoln, NE

Sell Your Home Fast in Omaha, NE or Lincoln, NE

Work with a roofing company on your next real estate transaction

If you’re a Nebraska-based real estate agent, Xcel Roofing offers a program to help you sell homes quickly. We understand that selling a home can be a challenge when it requires exterior repairs, including a roof replacement.

When your client doesn’t have the money to replace the roof, the burden falls on the buyer and can be a deterrent from purchasing. The buyer may also get lower offers or take longer to sell. As a part of a program for qualified sellers, we’ll install a new roof on your home as it goes on the market. When the house sells, we’ll get our payment on closing. Learn more about or program for real estate professionals by contacting Xcel Roofing today.

We bring a fresh perspective to each home

We understand that it takes time and money to sell property. We’re willing to stand with you to help get the home sold. We consider each transaction separately to make sure it fits with the needs of your customer. Our program’s parameters are:

  • Sellers must have enough equity in their home to pay for roofing at the time of closing
  • Sellers must be willing to sign a contract for roof replacement with Xcel Roofing
  • Sellers must have a source of payment for the roof if it doesn’t close within the time that’s agreed upon

The length of time is determined and agreed upon by the sellers, agent and Xcel Roofing. Improve your client’s chances of selling by working with Xcel Roofing today in Omaha, NE or Lincoln, NE.