Seth Peterson

Project Manager

If you love dogs, then you will love me! I own a yorkie (Brownie) and a maltese (Benji) so these two keep me busy while I am up climbing roofs all around Omaha. I grew up in Omaha and attended Bellevue East High School. You might remember me from wrestling, football and power lifting. I continued my fitness interest by competing in powerlifting and body building along with running a nutrition company Vitamin Shoppe. I think I learned my work ethics from my grandfather who was a WWII veteran. I love my volunteer work at the Nebraska Humane Society and hope to continue to encourage others to help their time to help this cause as well. I love to help my clients know that the get the best of me every day, every time I come to their house. From the moment I help them with their insurance papers to picking up that last nail, I am dedicated to finishing the job to 100% satisfaction. That is how I was raised and it is instilled in the kind of man I am.  My all time strangest food I ever ate……Alligator! What is yours?