3 Common Gutter Problems

Your home is like a machine. It has different parts that serve important functions, each of which needs to be checked to ensure that the entire structure continues to operate smoothly.

Occasionally, homeowners can get sidetracked. Some structural issues may be left unnoticed until more serious problems arise. By this time, identifying the underlying cause can become a hassle as there is a lot of damage to sift through.

If you’re having problems with water running down the walls, a roof leak dripping through the ceiling, damage to the fascia, or birds and insects nesting on your roof, then you may be having issues with an often overlooked aspect of your home: the gutters.

Our gutters Omaha installers stress the importance of gutter maintenance and repairs. This is because your gutters filter the waste that external elements can bring to your house. Without regular maintenance, gutters will suffer damage that can affect your house and your family’s health.

Here are three of the most common types of gutter issues that homeowners face:

A clogged gutter cannot function properly in diverting water away from your home, which increases the chances of water damage and encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can easily spread to other areas of your house like your siding and your roof. Plus mold can cause a myriad of health problems, particularly for homeowners who suffer from any respiratory illness.

Our gutters Omaha installers say that your gutters can get clogged with debris, small branches and nests from animals. Depending on the wildlife in your area, you may also find bizarre objects stuck in the pipes, ranging from organic waste to rotten leaves and even missing toys.

Our gutters Omaha installers notice that over time, the hangers that keep gutter installations in place can loosen up and become displaced. This can eventually lead to the gradual collapse of the entire structure. Allowing gutters to sag because of weakened supports can be detrimental and costly to the value of your home.

Lack of regular maintenance has a punishing effect on your gutters, creating cracks and leaks that cause water to damage your home’s foundation. It can cause your foundation to shift and cause structural damage.

Aside from this, gutter leaks can also cause slippery spots on the driveway and other walkways that may lead to serious injury. Allowing miniature fissures to go unchecked leads to steeply priced repairs and eventually full replacements are necessary.

Is it time for a gutter inspection?
Here at Xcel Roofing, we always emphasize the importance of being proactive. Give our office a call, or fill out the form below to contact one of our gutters Omaha installers to learn more about gutter construction, maintenance and repairs.

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