5 signs you need new windows

Windows play a vital role in your home as they provide natural lighting, increase your home’s air flow and can improve your curb appeal. Modern windows also provide better insulation for your home and can increase its energy efficiency. Replacing your windows is thus a great home improvement project for upgrading your house.

High-quality windows can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance but are still susceptible to wear and tear. If you have old windows or are doing a house renovation, replacing your windows can improve your home and help you save on future energy bills.

Here are five signs Pella windows Omaha installers that your windows need to be replaced.

  1. Difficulty closing, locking and opening windows
    When your windows are not installed properly, they develop balance issues, which make them difficult to operate. Older windows can also inherently be harder to open and lock due to weather damage and exposure to the outside elements. Rot and rust can develop over time which can also make your windows difficult to lock. This dramatically affects the safety of your home and loved ones.
  2. Drafts during severe winds
    You can experience strong winds during the spring and storms that can damage your home if you don’t replace your windows. For instance, if you feel a breeze from your closed windows, it shows the seals are faulty, and there is a serious air leak.

Such leaks make your HVAC system work twice as hard to warm or cool your home, running up your electric bill. Our Pella Windows Omaha installers point out that drafts not only make your home feel uncomfortable but can end up costing you more money in the long run on your utilities.

  1. Broken, damaged or warped windows
    Even the most durable windows can be damaged and broken by a severe storm. It is always best to perform a routine inspection after a storm to make sure your windows are in good working condition. If you spot any damage or if they have a minor problem, make sure you give our Xperts a call to go over whether you should get a repair or a replacement.
  2. Fog between double pane windows
    Faulty seals allow moisture to invade your windows causing the buildup of frost or ice. This can also lead to a build-up on condensation, or fog, and make your windows difficult to look through. Condensation is triggered by the combination of both cool glass surfaces and increased moisture in the air from inside the home. This can be a sign that your windows are inefficient and are raising your energy costs.
  3. Increased outside noise
    If you live in a busy neighborhood, you might be used to hearing a lot of outside noise. It might be intrusive when you are trying to sleep or need a quiet moment. Getting double or triple-pane glass windows from our Pella windows Omaha installers can help to decrease outside noise. However, if you hear a lot of outside noise, your windows were probably not sealed properly. Low-quality windows can also allow noise penetration.

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