Common Shingle roof problems

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof type in the United States– and for good reason! Shingles are low maintenance, low cost and will help protect you from the outside elements. However, asphalt shingles also have one of the shortest lifespans.

Our roof repair Omaha experts go over some of the more common problems that can arise with a shingle rooftop in hopes to prepare homeowners and give them signs to watch out for.

Curled shingles is one problem that you can have with your roof. Anyone who has curled their hair or seen curled hair knows the general concept of curing, the same principles apply to your shingles. The edges will start to wrap upwards and leave underneath your roof vulnerable to water damage.

Shingles can start to curl for a variety of reasons. It is a problem that could be traced back to installation where installers did not use the appropriate nail length or staple in the right spots. Our roof repair Omaha experts have also seen shingle start to curl due to improper ventilation. Roofs need to breathe, and without enough ventilation, heat can build up and cause curling.

Your hands are not the only thing that can blister, your shingles can too! Blisters are little bubbles that can pop up on your shingles and tear granules off your shingles. Blistering is most common during your roofs first year of life, but can form later on as well.

Blisters will form when moisture gets trapped within the shingle itself, and when the sun hits and starts to warm that moisture up, blisters form. Blisters can also form because of poor ventilation and your rooftop becoming too hot without any air circulation. Our roof repair Omaha experts stress the importance of ventilation to prevent both blistering and shingle curling. Our Xperts can check your ventilation during our FREE home exterior inspection.

Granules Loss
Granule loss is another problem that homeowners with asphalt shingles can experience. This is when the granules from your shingles will come off and gather in your gutters.

Granule loss is usually a sign that it’s time for a roof replacement. Granules get added to your shingles to help protect your home from UV rays from the sun. They make the shingles more fire resistant and make them easier to ship and package. The granules are also what can give your roof its own unique design and color.

Torn Off
This is probably the most common shingle problem that homeowners will have. Homeowners will see their shingles torn off after a big storm or a bout of severe weather. Wind storms can tear off shingles and leave your home vulnerable to water damage.

Homeowners can see if any of their shingles have been torn off by inspecting their roof from the ground. You will notice “holes” in your roof where the shingles are missing. Homeowners might also find shingles in their yard after a big storm.

Contact our roof repair Omaha experts to take a look at your shingle roof and make sure you are not experiencing any of these problems! We offer FREE home exterior inspections and you can book yours today! Just give our office a call or fill out the form below.

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