Common types of roof damage that threaten your home

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home exterior. This is because it is continuously exposed to multiple stressors that can result in various problems. If left unrepaired, these damages can adversely affect your home and cause further structural problems.

Roof damage varies depending on the type of material your roof is made of and its age. However, most roofs sustain most of their damage due to the lack of proper care and maintenance. Below our experts from our roofing companies Omaha go over some common types of roof damage to be aware of.

  1. Heat damage
    Roofs are continually exposed to extreme UV lights from the sun that cause your shingles to crack and break down their protective water sealant layer. This exposes your home to water and moisture that damage your walls. To keep your home water damage free, the experts from our roofing companies Omaha recommend replacing your shingles and reinstating a good water sealant.
  2. Cracked shingles
    Shingles crack for different reasons, including old age, heat exposure and poor maintenance. These cracks allow water and moisture to sip into your home, resulting in the formation of moss and mold. Moss can be incredibly damaging to your home exterior as the roots from the moss break down the structure of your shingles.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, your roof’s shingles are also prone to cracks and punctures developing due to flying debris.

  1. Moisture damage
    Whenever it rains, your roof ensures moisture doesn’t leak into your home, saving it from any type of structural damage. However, if you notice stains on your walls and ceiling starting to develop, it means water is leaking into your house. Usually, by the time water stains show up, it means a leak has been occurring for a long time. Some causes of moisture damage that come from roof leaks are loose and cracked shingles, torn underlayment, and failed sealants.

Water and moisture give way to pests that take advantage of your weakened roof structure. You need to hire a professional like our experts from our roofing companies Omaha for quality roof maintenance as some moisture damage can go undetected without a professional diagnosis.

  1. Water pools
    Formation of small pools of water each time it rains is common on flat rooftop styles. If left unresolved, these pools cause moisture damage. Worst case scenario, a water pool can lead to a complete collapse of your roof! This is because when water pools together it is a very heavy substance that many roofs are not equipped to handle. A flat roof needs to be delicately angled to prevent the formation of such pools.

Only hire a skilled professional to install your flat-roof as they have experience and proper training. Improper roof installation can make your roof vulnerable to damage.

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