How to tell your siding needs repairs

Your siding is a very important part of your home’s exterior, and you want to make sure that you are taking good care of it. No matter what type of siding you have or what material it is made from, the key to healthy siding is regular maintenance.

Inspecting and maintaining your home’s siding may not be on the top of your to-do list. However, it should be. Your siding plays an essential part of protecting your home. Faults in this protection can lead to costly expenses down the road if they are not addressed properly and promptly.

Our siding repair Omaha experts go over signs you can keep an eye out for that can indicate if you need to get your siding repaired.

Your siding is warped or rotting
It is important to perform frequent visual inspections throughout your home every so often. But, did you know that you should also be checking your exterior? Problems that surface on the inside of your home, such as increased moisture damage, can actually be the result of faulty siding.

A lot of this interior water damage can happen from siding that is warped or has holes in it. Upon noticing warped siding, it is necessary to have a professional like our siding repair Omaha experts come and assess the damage. When inspecting your siding, pay special attention to the base of your siding, the corners and the top. This is where damage is most likely to occur. If you notice portions of your siding have become warped, lightly lift up the siding with a screwdriver, then you may find that the underlayer is soft. This indicates an immediate need for repair.

You have to keep repainting
Siding should be able to maintain paint color for close to 10 years. If you are painting your siding every few years, the problem may lie with the siding itself. If the paint is peeling, chipping or cracking you will want to contact a professional. Our siding repair Omaha experts will be able to help you select quality siding that will eliminate this problem in the future. This can help to increase your home’s curb appeal as well.

Your wallpaper is peeling
Your siding protects your home from the elements. When there is faulty siding present, you may have issues arise inside your home. Cracks or holes in the siding can lead to moisture build-up. Moisture will be able to seep into your wallboard, affecting your wallpaper which causes it to crack or peel. This can be a ghastly sight and lead to more than just aesthetic problems. You will want to contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening and put a stop to mold growth.

Xcel Roofing is home to a dedicated team of professionals that strive to provide top-rated levels of service across Omaha, Neb. Our siding repair Omaha experts understand that every customer will require an individualized assessment for their siding repair needs. Give our Xperts a call today or fill out the form below to discuss your home’s needs!

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