Keeping your home mold free

Coronavirus is a big health concern that has a lot of people spending more time indoors. Besides going a bit stir crazy and bored with nothing to do, spending more time indoors can lead to some homeowners having mold exposure. Homeowners can check their home for mold, but often there is mold where homeowners can’t see it. Our Xperts will find mold developing on siding, on top of roofs, developing in insulation and wherever there is a leak. Getting a FREE home exterior inspection from our roofing Omaha contractors can help homeowners keep their house mold free and healthy. Some other things that homeowners can do to avoid mold are: Clean your gutters Cleaning your gutters out every once in a while is critical to stopping mold growth. When your gutters are full of dirt and debris, water cannot run freely through them and get diverted away from your house. This can lead to a lot of problems including structural foundation issues, pest infestations and mold. One of the biggest signs that your gutters are clogged is that water will start to spill out of them instead of form a path through your gutters. This is how mold begins to develop. Water spills over and gets exposed to areas that it shouldn’t. Your wood accessories like your fascia and window sills are usually the first to develop mold. But as water seeps into your interior, mold can start growing there as well. Fix any leaks Roof leaks can also lead to mold growth inside your home. Roof leaks happen when shingles get torn off, there is cracked flashing or another vulnerable part of your roof gets damaged in some way. This results in less protection for your home and can result in a roof leak any time it rains. If water is being systematically let into your house, especially if it’s a place you don’t know about, then mold will begin to develop. Most of the time, if you have actual water dripping through your ceiling, water has been leaking for a long time leading up to that moment and mold likely exists somewhere in your home. Get your insulation inspected Roof leaks can also create mold in your insulation. Insulation can primarily be found in your attic space, or underneath your roof. If you get a roof leak, your insulation is likely to get hit with moisture first. Insulation is meant to be kept water-free and when exposed to water can be a great growing space for mold. Fiberglass backing can be a great spot for mold to grow, and a lot of cellulose insulations are also vulnerable to mold growth when wet. It is best to have your roof inspected by our roofing Omaha contractors, so that they can inspect your insulation for mold and stop any roof leaks from happening. Get algae checked out right away If you notice dark spots starting to pop up on your roof, it’s likely you have a moss or algae problem. These grow in moist areas and when they start to develop, they will keep your shingles wet. This is also the perfect environment for mold to grow. Algae should be checked out regardless, because it weakens your shingles seal on your home and can cause you to get a premature roof replacement. Luckily, our roofing Omaha contractors offer FREE home exterior inspections, so you can figure out what is happening with your roof right away. Want to sign up for a free inspection today to make sure your home stays mold free and healthy? Go ahead and give our office a call or fill out a form below!

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