Make your home more energy efficent

According to the Department of Energy, windows account for about 30 percent of heating and cooling loss in residential homes.

Improperly installed or poorly made windows are often responsible for this problem. The good news is that you can do something about it. To reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows, you have two options: to replace or update your current windows!

Whichever option you choose, it’s advisable to work with a company that’s certified, experienced and reputable to offer window installation. At LoveOurRoof, our exterior specialists are able to install Pella windows and doors according to Pella’s manufacturer specifications set in place.

Having a consistent indoor temperature lowers your energy consumption significantly because it reduces the need for heating and cooling. A minor mistake while replacing or installing your windows can make a huge impact on your energy bills!

Updating existing windows for efficiency

If your windows are in great condition, it may be cost-effective to update them instead of replacing them. There are several changes an expert can recommend to improve their efficiency and make your home more comfortable.

• Close air leaks

• Add coverings and window treatments

• Install exterior shading

• Add storm panels

Window replacement
If you opt for window replacement, you will have to make numerous decisions, such as:

• The type of windows to buy

• Type of replacements to make

• Type of features you want on your windows

Although replacing your windows may appear expensive, you can cut costs by replacing them in their existing frames. Just make sure you discuss it with a window replacement expert in Omaha to help you pick what will work best for your home.

If you are unsure about a repair or replacement, here are five things to look out for if you need a window replacement.

Sign one: If you are struggling to open, close and lock all your windows, that is a sign they need to be replaced!

Sign two: Is it a bit too chilly or warm? If you feel the outside in your home like wind or even hear a full conversation outside, that is not normal!

One great option for a window replacement is Pella windows Omaha. Xcel Roofing offers different options when it comes to these windows, like wood, fiberglass or vinyl. The goal is to help you love your home while making it energy-efficient.

Pella windows Omaha experts will suggest you check your home insurance cause if a huge storm occurred, they might be covered for a replacement.

Xcel Roofing prides itself on helping Omaha residents make their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable. Contact the Pella windows Omaha experts today to speak with a window installation expert.

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