Protect your roof when hanging your holiday lights!

Many homeowners are decorating their homes early for Christmas. Holiday decorating oftentimes means that homeowners are on their roofs and hanging lights around their gutters.

Any roofing companies Omaha, would never suggest that homeowners get on their roofs, but understand that hanging Christmas lights could be considered an exception. Christmas lights strung around the house properly are a beautiful sight for neighbors and others in your city to see, but it is important to protect your roof at the same time.

This is how to hang Christmas lights without damage to your roof!

  1. Avoid using a staple gun

While this has always been a common practice for homeowners, it is actually no longer recommended that homeowners utilize a staple gun.

This is because it can cause damage to the shingle and the materials underneath the shingles, in return, you might find yourself calling one of the leading roofing companies Omaha for roof repairs and even replacements in the future.

What are our recommendations to utilize instead of a staple gun?

Our experts suggest purchasing clips that easily can be put on and even kept on the roof without causing any damage year to year.

With the adoption of technology, there are plenty of Christmas lights that are now magnetic. This means they can stick onto your roof without hurting any part of the exterior!

  1. Roof safety

This is one of the most important aspects of how to hang Christmas lights without damage because there are very few homeowners who understand the importance or are trained in roof safety.

While most of the homes in the Midwest have roofing materials that are a bit more boot friendly than other regions, this does not mean you shouldn’t be extremely cautious on your roof.

With this in mind, you could also crush or damage parts of your roof. Ideally, no homeowners should be on their roofs, but if you are one that is hesitating about these possibilities, do not do it. There is always an alternative method to hanging lights and plenty of other ways to show your festive side this holiday.

  1. Careful removal

When the holiday season is over, you will need to remove those Christmas lights! (Even if you don’t, we are not here to judge you.) And with removal, comes the same concerns when it comes to adding the lights.

A common occurrence that happens is homeowners grab one end of the light strand and simply yank on the lights until they come off the clips. This can tear down the gutter system and hurt shingles. If your gutter systems get ruined in the Winter, and are not able to be replaced as soon as possible, come the Springtime, water could cause mold and mildew issues.

Those are our three recommendations on how to hang Christmas lights without damage! For help with roof replacement, repairs, gutter installation and other exterior projects, give one of our Exterior Specialists a call today.

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