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At LoveOurRoof our team of quality craftsman only use the best in quality materials from Owens Corning. Whether you need a full roof replacement or just some roof repairs, we will consult with you on options that will make you love our roof!

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A good roof over your head is the key to a great home!

Not sure what your roof looks like? Out of sight, out of mind?

Making sure that your roof is safe and secure is important to the health of your entire home, yet many homeowners tend to not think of doing an annual exam on that very important piece of their home.

Your roof requires maintenance like your HVAC, like your auto and your health. If you haven’t had your roof inspected lately, or even in the past year, LoveOurRoof is here to give you peace of mind. Many things can compromise your roofing and exterior components that will make it even more vulnerable to the next storm that may hit. Be proactive, not reactive. We offer free exterior inspections to ensure that your exterior is free of any damage or aging components that could affect your interior as well.

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair - What to look for...

We at LoveOurRoof understand that the roof itself is one of the largest and most expensive elements of your home, and it goes far beyond what color of shingle looks the best. Our highly trained professionals take the time to educate you through the entire process and have the tools to show you personally what could be compromising those important things UNDER your roof.

We recommend your annual maintenance FREE inspection for a professional look on top of your roof. Here are some signs you may need your roof replaced:

Shingle Damage.

VALLEYS – If your roof valleys are damaged, rain and other elements can flow thru your valleys causing damage. This needs to be inspected for further damage.

GRANULE LOSS – If you are noticing granules in your gutters this may be a sign your roof needs to be replaced. The granules are designed to protect your roof and if they are coming off, your roof is now compromised. Our free inspection will determine how much loss is there.

Roof Aging

Shingle Staining – If you notice that there are dark areas on your roof this may represent algae growing on or under your shingles and this needs to be looked at soon and could represent other problems as well.

AGE – Most roofs are designed to last around 20 years (without major storm issues). If your roof is over 20 years old, you need to have it inspected.

Structural Damage.

INTERIOR DAMAGE – It might already be too late and your roof is screaming “Help”. Leaks, peeling, blistering paint are all signs to your ceilings, attics and walls that there is damage and help is needed. Don’t ignore the signs and call for that free inspection to see where the problem lies.

SAGGING – A droopy, sagging roof is an indication that damage has occurred and you need to have your roof inspected. This could very well mean there is moisture trapped where the sagging boards are.

Storm Damage

HIGH WINDS OR HAIL –Any of our LoveOurRoof communities can suffer from storms. These storms can bring high winds, rain and most of all hail. When this happens it can cause damage to your roof, siding, gutters and windows. Most insurance companies only allow 1-2 years to have that roof adjusted. LoveOurRoof works with all insurance companies and adjusters to assure you are properly compensated to repair or replace your exteriors.

More Reasons.

ENERGY COSTS – If you have been noticing that you have cold or hot spots in your home, or that your utility bills are going up that may be a sign that you have an issue on your roof and with your ventilation. Our free inspection will allow us to help you.

CHIMNEYS –  It is important that your chimney has a metal flashing. Many older roofs have a cement or tar chimney flashing. If you see your chimney has an older cement or tar flashing, please give one of our professionals a call to discuss.

Insurance Compensation

LoveOurRoof will help you by working directly with your insurance company to minimize paperwork and maximize insurance benefits from storm damage. We are here to help you become whole again and get your house back to looking the best prior to the damage. Having the professional tools and being certified in Xactimate software, which is what insurance companies use to process their claims, we have the team behind you every step of the way. Your insurance company will protect your home and we will protect your interests by replacing or repairing your investment. Working with insurance companies and adjusters can be stressful, let us take that from your plate.

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Our passion is to deliver great customer service before, during, and after the job. Our well known reputation for integrity, combined with our skilled workmanship of trained and certified local technicians, shows our LOVE FOR YOUR ROOF and home.

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