Should I Repair or Replace Gutters

Between work, kids, after school activities, and other errands; many homeowners do not take time to inspect their gutters for damage. Damaged or clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home which could eventually lead to moisture inside your home. If the clog continues, it could ultimately result in rotting, cracks and foundational damage to your house. 

Once your gutter is damaged, you’re tasked with the difficult decision of repairing your gutter system or complete gutter replacement Kansas City. 

One of the questions that may come to mind is whether or not you should repair your gutters yourself, or call in a professional contractor. Or should you have completely new gutters installed?

Here are some guidelines that can help you decide what to do.

1. Minor damage

If your gutters have a few cracks and holes and only a few sections are damaged, repairing it might be the better option. You can easily replace the damaged parts instead of ripping out your entire gutter system. You can also cover small holes with a sealant purchased at your local hardware store.

If you have the proper safety equipment, covering holes can be a DIY project, especially if you are handy with tools. However, if you don’t have any needed safety equipment for accessing your gutters, hire a professional to perform even the smallest repairs. 

2. Major damage

If your gutters have significant damage, you are better off with a complete gutter replacement Kansas City to prevent any additional damage to your home. It’s recommended to hire a professional gutter replacement contractor to inspect your gutters and determine the amount of damage that’s been done.

When there are a lot of minor repairs like holes, cracks, leaking seams, rust spots, clogging, sagging and water damage, replacing is much needed. All these combined cannot be solved with a quick fix, call for a more permanent solution like replacing your gutters.

You might be questioning, why are gutters so important for your house. Plain and simple, they keep water away from your house. Weather can be brutal, where do you think the rain water or melted snow goes? A gutters function is to keep it away from your roof and the side of your house. 

Have you ever heard of gutter guards? Let’s be honest, cleaning gutters is not your favorite thing to do. A gutter guard protects your home from debris and rainwater. Animals and insects love your gutters! Bees, wasps and mosquitoes will treat your gutter as if it were their home, they like standing water. 

Gutter guards can also protect your foundation from any damages. Damaged foundation can lead to cracked and uneven flooring. Water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, it can get into shingles and siding. 

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Many homeowners forget to inspect their gutters occasionally, which prevent them from detecting gutter damage early on. Schedule annual maintenance for your gutters to ensure they are functioning correctly throughout.

LoveOurRoof installs and repairs gutters for you to keep water away from your home. We have an array of gutter options to choose from, and all are high-quality and flexible. Call us today or fill out the form below for gutter replacement and repair

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