Don't let frost on your roof lead to bigger problems


The first sign of winter approaching for many is frost on your vehicle and outside. While frost is one of the most common indicators of a chilly morning or winter approaching, and many of us never second guess it, does this affect your roof?

Our experts explain how your roof is handling the cold temperature, if frost is an indicator of something else and what does frost on my roof mean?

Does it hurt your roof?

The short answer to this question is no. If your home’s roof has frost, and every other house on the street has frost, it will not affect your home. This is because the roofing materials installed on your home’s roof are made to withstand straight-line winds, hail storms, thunderstorms, snow accumulation and so many other elements that will hit your home.

While heavy snow and accumulation of winter weather will affect your home’s roof over time, frost itself is simply something that will disappear as the day gets warmer!

With this in mind, what happens if you walk outside and notice you are the only home with no frost on your roof? Is this a sign that there is something wrong with the roof itself? There are a couple of variables for this common problem.

Is a lack of frost bad?

While a homeowner might walk out on their sidewalk and notice frost, there is the possibility that said homeowner could walk out with no frost on their home! While there could be some underlying issues that could cause this, there are natural reasons why as well!

The first one is due to the sun! How does your house sit and how does the sun hit your roof? If you notice that your home is one of the first ones in the neighborhood to get sun, more than likely, this is the reason why your roof has no frost on it.

The second reason is due to a lack of insulation. If you and your neighbor’s home both get the same amount of sunlight, or lack of sunlight, but your home has no frost on it, this can be due to inadequate insulation, air leaks and energy efficiency issues.

Inadequate insulation issues

A lack of frost can be the first indication of inadequate insulation within your home’s attic. A lack of insulation can not only cause inadequate heating and cooling issues within your home’s attic but as this issue prolongs, it can cause mold and mildew, skin irritation and sickness due to outside elements coming into your home. Along with this, a sign of a lack of frost is also an indication that there can be air leaks within the roof’s shingles, seals and even flashing!

Air leaks

The small cracks within your home’s roof can cause air leaks, and in return, can cause a number of other hefty problems such as mold and frost within your home’s attic! Yes, with enough moisture and uneven temperatures in your attic, it can actually cause frost on the outside and inside of your home. These are the most common areas that our experts find issues with water leaks and air leaks on a roof.

All of this can be an indication of your home’s lack of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

How does a homeowner understand if their home is energy efficient or not? There are several ways to do this yourself, and your energy bill is the first sign of this! If your home is 2,000 square feet, it is estimated that it will cost around $216.00 to heat and cool the home. This is an estimated number and this can range based on a per home experience, but that is the basic understanding! How else can you tell that your home isn’t that energy efficient? A simple walk through each room can be a great way to figure this out. Is one room hotter or colder than another? If your heat is on, is there always one cold room? This is a sign that your home is lacking in energy efficiency. This matters because it shows that there are improvements that need to be made to ensure your home is running at its best. Another reason why this matters, money! Save yourself more money in the long-run by making sure your home is running efficiently.

There you have it! What does frost on my roof mean? Well, it could be nothing or something larger at play! For more information regarding free winter inspections, repairs and replacements or any of our other services, contact us today!

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