Signs you need to replace your insulation

It’s been a pretty mild winter so far in the Midwest. We have not had nearly as much snow as last year. While it has been a little more mild in comparison to years past, residents of Omaha still had to bundle up every now and then to dispel the winter chill.

However, a safe haven from the cold is usually inside one’s home. If after stepping in from the cold you still feel cold, there could be something wrong with your home’s insulation. There are signs that homeowners can look out for that could point to their need for new insulation, and our roofing contractors in Omaha NE go over the more popular ones below.

High Energy Bills
While it’s normal for energy bills to spike during the winter and summer, homeowners typically know the average amount they should be paying. If there is an astronomical difference, or the amount just keeps getting higher and higher, there is a good chance that something is wrong with your insulation. A majority of your home’s heat escapes through its roof, but with an insulation with a good R-value, your home can retain that heat during the winter.

When your insulation is losing its effectiveness and needs to be replaced, your heater has to work in overdrive to keep your home at a constant temperature. This is what can cause your heating bills to skyrocket.

Indoor drafts
Your home exterior is supposed to protect you from the outside elements, which is part of what makes indoor drafts so annoying. It’s having wind inside your home. Having poor insulation, or insulation that needs to be replaced can cause drafts to develop. There is not enough blockage from the outside air and it can make its way into your house.

If even after you have closed all the windows and doors you still notice a cold draft, it might be time to call our roofing contractors in Omaha NE to inspect your insulation.

No one likes having to deal with pests. Finding out that you’ve had a bat living in your attic or mice running through your crawl space is a big sign that you need to replace your insulation. Pests can leave behind a lot of germs, bacteria and dirt in their wake. Those are not things that you want in your homes insulation.

Animals like squirrels, mice and bats can also leave big holes in your insulation! This decreases its effectiveness and requires immediate replacement.

Unpleasant odors
If for some reason you are smelling something foul and unpleasant and you can’t find the source, it might be time to check your insulation. Some insulation materials are not waterproof and can develop mold after time. Mold can be extremely harmful to anyone who lives in the house, especially those with allergies.

Mold does have a distinct smell, and can be a big indicator to our roofing contractors in Omaha NE that a home needs new insulation. Mold is not something that homeowners should take lightly or push off. If you suspect mold, contact an Xpert right away.

We offer FREE home exterior inspections where we can inspect your insulation, Contact us or fill out the form below for peace of mind and don’t ignore any of these signs.

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