Traci Jarman

I have lived in the Springfield/Branson area for over 21 years and have loved embracing the community atmosphere. I have lived in Missouri my whole life, growing up in Putnam County as a farm girl. This upbringing taught me hard work ethics and the value of people. Living on the farm I learned many things while preparing myself for my future career path.

Always looking for something to better myself and my family, I looked into LoveOurRoof as the perfect opportunity for me to advance my entrepreneurial spirit and be able to give back to our community. This company allows me to serve our community by providing great exterior products and services to also serve in local non-profits and organizations which improves the lives of so many.

I feel very blessed to be part of something bigger and meaningful.
“What excites me the most about working with LoveOurRoof, is the knowledge and confidence knowing that the construction industry is not just for men. We at this company believe in people; regardless of what gender, age or skill level as long as they have the love for our customers, we are all one team and have one goal in mind.”

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