Top Energy Efficient Roofs

Your home tends to use the most energy during the months of winter and summer. You may be looking at your energy bills for these last couple of months and hope the groundhog is right, spring is on its way. While it is normal for energy usage to spike during these times, there are actually ways that homeowners can decrease their energy usage that will not affect their daily lives.

Most homeowners do not know this, but their roof plays a big role in their energy usage. During the winter, heat will escape from a home’s roof, causing a homeowners heater to work overtime in order to keep their home at a constant temperature. Our expert roofing Omaha NE contractors go over some of the ways homeowners can have the top energy efficient roofing system below.

Ventilation & Insulation
Making sure that you have proper insulation and ventilation are the best ways to have a more energy efficient roof and household. It might seem counterintuitive that in order to keep your home warm you need to let cold air in, but natural air flow and ventilation are key in helping to make your home energy efficient. This is important in winter and summer months, for removing moisture from your attic space and helping to protect your roof.

Our expert roofing Omaha NE contractors also recommend having the proper amount of insulation installed. Having enough insulation will help to keep heat inside and prevent it from escaping from your roof. This will make sure that your energy bills stay low and you get to stay toasty!

The material that your roof is made out of is one of the biggest factors in having an energy efficient roof or not. Asphalt shingles, tile, metal and shake shingles all have different energy ratings and will affect your roof differently.

Metal roofing, for example, has one of the largest range of color choices and will have the best heat reflecting properties. This means that even when the sun is beating down on your roof and making it hot, metal material will reflect most of that heat away from your home. Tile roofing is another good option because tile has thermal resistance properties in of itself. Plus, tiles will help to naturally ventilate your roof.

Asphalt shingles on the other hand, have a harder time being energy efficient. If homeowners choose asphalt material their best bet is to go with a lighter color that will not absorb as much sunlight. Our expert roofing Omaha NE contractors say that a darker color will not help you to decrease your energy bills.

Cool Roof
Getting a new roof can be an expensive venture, but getting one that saves you a ton on your energy consumption could pay for itself in the end. A cool roof can be 50-60 degrees cooler than a normal darker colored roof and will significantly reduce your energy and utility bills.

If getting a new roof is not an option, homeowners can choose to put a cool roof coating on top of their already existing roof.

We can help make sure that your home’s energy efficiency is on top and you are saving big on your utility bills! Just give our office a call or fill out the form below to get in contact with us and learn more!

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