Matt Davis

I was actually born in Carroll Nebraska, where I attended Wayne High School. My entire family still resides in Northeast Nebraska and that allows me and my son some great travel time back to the farm where he can help Grandpa out and play with his monster trucks.

Before coming into the roofing and restoration industry, I was a General Manager with Menards for 10 years. I have moved all around the midwest while working in the roofing industry in numerous states including Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

I chose Xcel Roofing because it aligned with my professional and personal goals. When I look at the core values that I was raised with and the core values that Xcel has adopted, they both are so similar. I was looking for a company that stands not only behind its people, but all the people the company helps. I really want to get more involved with the community in which I live, and this is exactly what Xcel is known for.

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