Rain, Rain, Go Away...

At LoveOurRoof, we have you covered from your roof to your siding and windows but to protect all of that we can’t forget your gutter system!

Properly directing rain and melted snow off your roof helps to keep water away from your foundation and from seeping underneath your shingles and behind the siding. The gutters also protect your landscaping, prevent erosion and can prevent basement flooding as well. Do you enjoy painting your home every year? Keeping water diverted from your home with a good gutter system helps stop mold and mildew, avoid paint damage from staining and so much more.

LoveOurRoof Gutter Options

Sectional Gutters

This is actually strongest type of gutter systems out on the market for residential homes. Sectional gutters are made in small sections and fitted together to form the entire gutter system. These gutters are made to expand and contract with changing temperatures and weather with their engineered expansion joints.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are flexible and durable in design made from aluminum coil. These are made to protect your home from the elements for years to come. The difference with these gutters are that they are constructed and designed using a specialized gutter machine. This allows for a perfect fit, every time! Seamless gutters usually require less maintenance, less likely to leak and of course- beautiful on your home!

Clean Your Gutters...

In addition to leaves and debris, you always must remember those cute birds and squirrels that can wreak havoc to your gutters. Investing in good gutters, whether they be aluminum or copper is important but protecting them with a gutter guard is one more step to ensure that they remain free of the things that can lessen the life of your gutter investment. There are many different types and brands, one of our LoveOurRoof professional consultants can talk with you on choices and the best option for your home.

Ice Damming

Meltwater draining down to the eaves or gutters where it can freeze and re-freeze, making the build-up of ice a dam. This can prevent the additional snow from your roof that is melting from draining off since it will have no where to go. Gutters are the perfect place for ice dams to form, especially if they are already filled with leaves and debris. 

Cleaning your gutters and using a gutter guard can help avoid this issue and help avoid the damage that can occur from ice damming.

Looking for that elegant touch to your home? Try COPPER.

Looking for that unique customized elegant finish to your home? Then copper gutters might just be that answer. The extra investment for copper gutters can increase the home value and the curb appeal will attract eyes to the neighborhood as well. If you have seen copper gutters previously in magazines or in other neighborhoods and it struck you as stunning, you are not alone.

Many upscale homes are choosing to install this dramatic look and LoveOurRoof is the company to discuss this option with. Our professional consultants will discuss the different topics that you may want to consider prior to installing that could include oxidation, your HOA covenant and most importantly the design factor for your own home. LoveOurRoof has had the honor of installing copper gutters to some very amazing homes.

Take a look an elite copper installation in the video on the right.

copper gutters

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