Weather any storm with repairs and replacements

Places like Omaha, Nebraska, can be known as a hotbed of severe storms in the Midwest, with hail and harsh winds and rain causing damage to unprepared homeowners. Whether it’s a simple replacement in anticipation of bad weather ahead or repairing damage from the latest incident, our roof repair Omaha experts are here to help.

Signs to look for
If you have never seen storm damage, you might not know what to look for. Some signs are obvious and others are not, especially if you do not know where to look. First, check out how your shingles are doing, you might find that there is a significant amount of granules that have been lost. Hail storms cause dents and those should be looked at as well.

A couple of other things you should look for is missing flashing, loose sealant or water damage. Just because you cannot see the problem does not mean that it’s not there. When it comes to your house, you do not want to take risks, especially after a hail storm Omaha Nebraska residents. Call a professional right away!

Make all needed repairs
Prevention is key, but not all homes are ready to weather a particularly bad storm, hurricane, or tornado. So then, what parts of your home are most affected by storm damage? Our roof repair Omaha experts say that your roof is the most liable to be damaged by weather, especially if it hasn’t been updated in several years. If you already have things like loose shingles and leaks, those are problems that can lead to further damage in the long run.

Even if your roof has been given a clean bill of health, it can pay to keep tabs on the damage future storms may do. If you can’t remember the last time someone looked at your roof, call up Xcel’s roofing contractors to get a check-up. Our contractors will work with you on storm restoration and damage repairs, sticking with you through the process, and advocating on your behalf as things are inspected, approved and repaired.

Preventative measures
You can not control the weather but there are a few things you can do to prepare for any hail storm Omaha Nebraska residents. The first thing you should make sure is that your shingles are fully attached. You can add more cement to make sure everything is tight and secure. Be sure to have clean drains and gutters so they can steer unwanted water away from your house. Another tip is to make sure your trees and branches are trimmed. If a storm hits, branches can fly off and potentially hurt your home, maybe even break a window.

Windows and doors can be just as important to think about as well. Flying debris and the harsh elements, like snow, rain or hail, can pose a great risk. The potential flooding, cracked glass and damage to your house’s exterior can add up to a lot when repairs are needed after a bad storm. In this case, it can be smart to think ahead and plan to add storm doors or replace windows with the ones made of more durable and impact-resistant materials. These additions may even bring about other positive changes like better energy efficiency in the long run. If you think your home needs that extra layer of protection, our roof repair Omaha experts offer Pella® services for window and door replacement and installations.

Do more to protect your home from severe weather than simply building a stormkit. Contact your Xcel Roofing Omaha specialist today.

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