What problems can old windows cause?

If one day you are gazing out your window and you see mold on the glass or notice substantial amounts of dust in the air, your old windows may or may not be to blame for these problems. You’ll need one of our Pella windows Omaha installers to closely inspect your window’s components to see if they could be the cause. They will be sure to examine other potential sources on your home exterior that could be causing mold or dust before identifying the source.

If aging sashes, panes or frames have developed major cracks, they might allow water to enter the room in rainy and windy weather. Aging sashes are also notorious for no longer shutting tightly and creating a leak. This situation can result in mold growth if the water doesn’t dry quickly enough and there is not enough ventilation. This can also lead to high utility bills as a leaky window can be costly to heat and cool during the winter and summer months.

Another possibility that our Omaha roofing contractors see is water coming in from the edge of your roof is soaking your windows wooden frame. This leads to mold, rotten wood and interior leaks. We can help prevent these problems by installing rain gutters for your home so that they can direct water away from your windows and keep your frames dry.

Indoor moisture may condense on glass, especially during the winter. It could eventually create mold if not dried in a timely manner. This problem usually occurs due to excessive steam or inadequate ventilation rather than any defect in the sash. You can solve it by opening more windows, installing exhaust fans or upgrading to a different window that our Pella windows Omaha installers can recommend.

On the other hand, you might have a double-paned window and notice that condensation appears between the panes. The seal has probably failed and outdoor air has filled this space. You may need to replace the sash to prevent mold growth and foggy glass in the future. This problem could also mean that full replacement is needed in order to prevent mold growth.

Excess dust
Dust particles can come from many sources, such as air pollution, cigarettes, streets, plants or pets. However, a window with deteriorating paint and wood may release airborne particles every time you open or shut it. It’s recommended that homeowners consider repainting or replacing the wooden components of their windows, and keep in mind that the dust could contain harmful lead.

Regardless of the reason for dust or mold, it’s often harder to clean old frames and sashes. Our Pella windows Omaha installers know that rough, cracked wood makes this task more difficult. New units with smooth aluminum or vinyl surfaces can expedite and simplify cleaning. They also close more securely than most older windows and can be lower maintenance for homeowners.

If your home’s glass requires replacement or needs rain gutters for protection, our Omaha roofing contractors at Xcel Roofing can help. We offer durable gutter systems and attractive, energy-efficient windows in many different styles. Fill out the form below to get started!

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