Why you should get a roofing inspection for spring

The end is here, it is finally spring! The snow is melted and your biggest coat isn’t needed in order to go outside. Spring arriving can mean a couple of different things to different people. It can mean baseball time, spring cleaning time or gardening time.

However, our roofing Omaha contractors say that spring should always mean getting a spring inspection for your home! The timing between winter and when spring storms hit is a crucial time to get inspected and make sure your home is prepared.

Fix winter damage
Winter is notorious for causing damage to your home exterior and making existing problems worse. While homeowners may have felt that it was too cold to make repairs during the winter, that is no longer a concern and they should get a home exterior inspection immediately.

Ice Dam damage
If your home had ice dams this winter, then your roof could be suffering from a roof leak and you do not even know it. Ice dams form when your home does not have proper ventilation and ice will thaw and refreeze along the edge of your roof. This causes water and melted snow to trickle down into your house since they have no other way of getting off of your roof. Our roofing Omaha contractors can come out and inspect your roof to make sure that your home will be able to handle spring storms and stop a leak in its tracks.

Cold weather damage
However, it’s not just ice dams that cause all the damage. Cold weather in general can cause harm to your home exterior because of the combination of water in the air and the freezing temperatures. Any water or condensation can freeze and ruin your exterior paint job. Worse than that, water can freeze in an existing crack and turn it into a large hole. Cold weather can damage your siding, ruin the seals on your windows and make your shingles brittle. Our roofing Omaha contractors stress the importance of getting all of these problems fixed before spring storms arrive.

Be prepared for spring storms
We’ve all heard the popular saying, April showers bring May flowers. While the saying is cute, the April showers can be dangerous for your home exterior!

Rain and Wind
With rainstorms comes wind, and with wind can come missing shingles, torn off gutters and more depending on the severity of the wind. When wind blows off your shingles, it opens up your home to the possibility of a roof leak and also expensive water damage bills. When wind blows off your gutters, it can lead to ruined siding and foundation problems as water pools around your home.

Hail damage
Spring also sees the most amount of hail. Hail can be very damaging to your home. After all, if you don’t want to be hit by hail, or your car to be hit by hail, it’s not hard to imagine your home doesn’t want it either. Hail can bruise the top of your roof and expose your home’s decking and felt material. Hail can also be strong enough to crack holes in your windows, siding and gutters. Hail damage is not something that homeowners should put off as it can lead to even more extensive repairs.

The best way to be prepared for spring storms is to get a FREE inspection from our roofing Omaha contractors. They will fix any existing problems and make sure your home has everything it needs to make it through the season of storms. Contact us to book your inspection today by calling our office or filling out the form below.

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