Women in Roofing History

March is National Women’s History Month where national libraries, museums and institutions celebrate and study the crucial role that women have played in our country’s history. Women have played a vital role in a lot of industries and their mark is still being made to this day. In honor of this month, our roofers in Omaha NE wanted to talk about the history of women roofers in the nation and in our own company as well.

History of Roofing
As long as structures have been around, roofs have been around. Cavemen would cover their huts with the nearby available resources like plants and the earth. There is proof that glazed clay tiles were used in China 5,000 years ago and that the Greeks were using earthenware roof tiles then too.

The next roofing material that was developed was wooden shakes, although in the 12th century they were known to catch fire a lot, and many homes were required to rebuild their roof with clay material. Clay tiles started getting mass produced in the 19th century, with concrete tiles and green roofing systems following close behind.

Most changes to roof materials and the history of roofs have evolved in the last 200 years. Modern day roofing looks different today than it did even 20 years ago, and there is no doubt that in the next 20 years it will look different again. Our roofers in Omaha NE expect there to be a surge in energy efficient roofing materials!

Women in Roofing
There is no doubt that the roofing industry is a male dominated field, but that is slowly changing over time. Women were not really welcomed with open arms into the workforce until WWI and WWII, and it was not until after these tragedies that a women’s role was accepted.

Women started out in what is considered “traditional feminine” roles like a secretary or nurse. As more labor shortages occurred, and women took control of their own work experience, they branched out into other fields. The roofing industry, and the construction industry in general, is low on its woman involvement. It is estimated that 10 percent or less of the job field is occupied by women.

However, that number is expected to double within the next few years and the women who are involved, are succeeding in the best ways possible. There are women owned roofing companies, female management involved roofing companies and women laborers who are doing the same work as their male counterparts.

Women in Xcel Roofing
Our roofers in Omaha NE are proud to support and encourage all of the women that are a part of our company. We have women involved in every aspect of our company. We have a female V.P., female office managers, female brand ambassadors and female exterior specialists who are helping families to love their roof and entire home exterior every day. The women in our company play an equal role with the men, and we would not be where we are today without them!

We have an “Xcellerating” Women Program to support our women roofers in Omaha NE efforts with educational and motivational support and efforts to elevate them to the next level within our company and communities in which they serve. We don’t care WHO is on a roof, only that they know WHAT they are doing when they are up there!

We encourage any woman who is looking to jumpstart a career in the roofing industry to go for it! Lean into your worth and know that there are companies out there like us, Xcel Roofing, who want nothing but for you to succeed.

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