Ryan Asbury

Ryan Asbury

Project Manager


402-706-76730 Office | 402-413-5007

1) Family Background- I have a twin sister, 2 younger twin brothers, a step-brother and 4 step-sisters. I have a beautiful wife and two young boys, 2 and 4.

2) Born and raised where, if not here how did you end up here?
In South Omaha

3) What high school did you attend?
Bryan High School, graduated in 1994

4) What is your work background?
I just finished a 22 year career at First Data.

5) Who was your influence growing up and why?
I looked up to my dad. He taught me a lot about the home improvement industry.

6) Why did you choose Xcel?
I took advantage of an opportunity that was presented to me.

7) Personal hobbies and interests ( i.e. baseball team, fishing, golfing)
I love to fish, watch football, and hang with my family.

8) Community Involvement

I am involved with a charity called Mustaches 4 Kids Omaha. Every May we grow mustaches and raise money for a local children's charity. In 9 years we have raised over 1.7 million dollars.

9) The one customer or roof that sticks in your mind/heart and why?
I roofed my grandmothers house by myself in 2007 while working a full time job to put a few bucks in her pocket.

10) What is the one thing you could not live without?
The support of my family.